Nordic Appeal demands better protection against health risks from RF radiation

Published 7 March 2023
- By Mona Nilsson

The Nordic Appeal is a call for better protection against health risks from RF or microwave radiation from wireless technologies. It is a joint statement from NGO:s active in the field of health effects from EMF from the Nordic Countries Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. The Nordic Appeal has been translated to English and published in Annals of Clinical and Medical Case Reports on March 2, 2023.

Abstract: In recent years, people’s exposure to pulsed radiofrequency (RF) or microwave radiation from wireless technologies has exploded, mainly due to the roll-out of 5G. In addition to more base stations, millions of so-called smart water and electricity meters are being installed. This technology is forced upon people near or in their own homes, despite a complete lack of research showing that 5G and wireless water and electricity meters are not harmful to human health. At the same time, the first two studies to date on the effects of 5G have shown that 5G base stations cause adverse health effects in humans and that radiation similar to 5G damages neurons in the brain in animal experiments. The brain damage observed could eventually lead to Alzheimer’s and other neurological diseases. In parallel with this explosion in radiation exposure, guidelines for permissible radiation are still being applied based on a seriously outdated approach. These guidelines only protect humans from harmful effects resulting from extreme intensive exposure that causes acute warming of the body. This means that people are completely unprotected from a range of harmful effects, such as cancer, DNA damage, oxidative stress and neurological effects that the science has repeatedly shown occur at levels well below these guidelines. They offer no protection whatsoever against harmful effects on biodiversity. Given what is known today about the risks of this technology, it must be considered a violation of human rights to impose this harmful radiation on people in their own homes without their informed consent. More stringent regulatory framework on microwave radiation from wireless technologies is urgently needed. In the meantime, further rollout of 5G must be stopped.

Read the Nordic Appeal: More Stringe Regulatory Framework on Microwave Radiation
from Wireless Technologies is Needed – Stop Further Rollout of 5G. (pdf)