5G caused the microwave syndrome in two previously healthy men – new study

Published 7 March 2023
- By Mona Nilsson

A new case study published in Annals of Clinical Case Reports shows that installing a 5G base station on the roof above an office caused symptoms of microwave syndrome in two previously healthy men. The study is in line with a previous case study that also showed that 5G rapidly caused microwave syndrome in previously healthy people. These are the first two studies in the world on the health effects of exposure to real 5G.

The new study, published in February 2023, like the previous one published in January 2023, was conducted by Dr Lennart Hardell from the Environment and Cancer Foundation in Sweden and Mona Nilsson from the Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation.

In both of these case studies, a previous 3G/4G base station was replaced with 5G equipment placed on the roof directly above the subjects studied. Measurements of the microwave radiation from the base stations showed that in both cases 5G caused extremely high radiation. The high 5G radiation caused the development of symptoms typical of microwave syndrome within a short time period in all persons living or working under the base station. In both studies, the persons tolerated 3G/4G but their health deteriorated rapidly after switching to 5G.

Read more about the study and the comments from Dr Lennart Hardell and Mona Nilsson in the article 5G Towers Can Make Healthy People Sick, Two Case Reports Show in The Defender.

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