First study on health effects from a 5G base station

Published 7 March 2023

Today the first case study on health effects from a 5G base station was published. The study authored by Dr Lennart Hardell from The Environment and Cancer Research Foundation and Mona Nilsson from The Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation, found that a 5G base station on the roof above an apartment caused a massive increase in measured microwave radiation and severe symptoms within two days.

The rapidly emerging symptoms after the 5G deployment were typical for the microwave syndrome with e.g., neurological symptoms, tinnitus, fatigue, insomnia, emotional distress, skin disorders, and blood pressure variability. The symptoms were more pronounced in the woman.”

5G has been rolled out since several years now without any previous studies showing that 5G base station radiation exposure at levels commonly occuring in peoples homes or public space is safe for human health. This is the first study ever done on real 5G exposure and it shows rapidly deteriorating health from the 5G base station.

Hardell et Nilsson write: ”This medical history can be regarded as a classic provocation test. The RF radiation levels in the apartment were well below the limit proposed to be “safe” below which no health effects would occur, recommended by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation (ICNIRP). These now presented symptoms of the microwave syndrome were caused by non-thermal effects from RF radiation and highlight that the ICNIRP guidelines used in most countries including Sweden do not protect human health. Guidelines based on all biological negative effects from RF radiation are urgently needed, as well as monitoring human health, not the least due to rapidly increasing levels of exposure.”

Read the full study  The Microwave Syndrome after Installation of 5G Emphasizes the Need forProtection from Radiofrequency Radiation on this link