5G Exposé Tuesday October 17th

Published 13 October 2023
- By Radiation Protection

5G is being rolled out all over the world, but information from the media about potential health risks has been sparse.
Through this webinar, you will learn from independent scientists and experts about what is known about health risks from 5G and the planned roll-out of 5G millimeter wave technology.

The scientists and experts who shared their knowledge: Dr Igor Belyaev Professor, Ph.D, Dr.Sc.,; Dr Lennart Hardell, MD, PhD; Dr Klaus Buchner, former prof., former MEP; Frank Clegg, former president MS, Canada; Mona Nilsson, Sweden. The event was moderated by Miriam Eckenfels, CHD, USA and arranged by Children’s Health Defense, UK Column and Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation.

Biological and health effects of non-ionizing radiation that is used by 5G, by Dr Igor Belyaev Professor, Ph.D, Dr.Sc., Slovak Academy of Science

The 5G microwave technology 3.5 GHz – what do we know today about health risks? First 5G case studies and the 5G Appeal by Dr Lennart Hardell, MD, PhD, Sweden

What was known on health risks in people living close to mobile phone masts before 5G roll-out? Results from some studies in Germany by Dr Klaus Buchner, former prof., former MEP, Germany

On industry’s attitude to health risks with 5G The industry’s response to health risks from 5G and other wireless technologies, and a
proposal for safer solutions. by Frank Clegg, CEO of Canadians for Safe Technology, former president Microsoft, Canada

Why do experts from some organizations agree that there are no health risks? On ICNIRP and industry influence., by Mona Nilsson, Director of Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation, Sweden