Family with three children got microwave syndrome near 5G mast

Published 10 December 2023
- By Radiation Protection

A new case study, the sixth to date on the health effects of 5G exposure, shows that an entire family of two adults and three children aged 4-8 years old suffered symptoms typical of the microwave syndrome while holidaying near a 5G mast. When the family returned home, where radiation levels were significantly lower, the symptoms disappeared and health was restored.

The new study, like the five previous ones, was carried out by Dr Lennart Hardell from the Environment and Cancer Research Foundation and Mona Nilsson from the Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation. It examined the health consequences for a family consisting of a man and a woman both in their 30s and their three children aged 4-8 years. They spent a long weekend (three nights) in the summer of 2023 in a rented cottage located only 125 metres from a 24 metre high mobile phone mast. The mast contained 5G antennas from three different telecoms operators. The family had previously rented the same cottage in 2022 and 2021 without any health problems. Back then, there was one operator with 5G equipment on the mast, while the others were transmitting 3G/4G. However, during the winter of 2022/2023, the two other telecoms operators had installed 5G antennas on the mobile phone mast, which meant that in the summer of 2023 there was significantly more 5G equipment transmitting 5G radiation from the mast than before.

The whole family suffered severe sleep problems, including all three young children. All but one of the children also had headaches during the stay. The mother had a high and irregular pulse, numbness in her hands and feet and tingling in her body. The father experienced breathing difficulties and felt pressure on his chest. In addition to sleep problems and headaches, the children suffered from stomach pains and diarrhoea (two children) and the third child developed a skin rash.

All these symptoms disappeared after the family left the place near the mast and returned to their permanent home without proximity to 5G base stations.

Radiation measurements could not be carried out during the stay in the summer 2023. It was only two months later that a measurement was made outside the cottage. It showed a maximum peak value of 43 400 μW/m2 measured with the Safe and Sound Pro II. Measurements in the permanent home showed a maximum peak of between 257 and 1,403 μW/m2 in the family members’ bedroom at the pillow.

When the radiation measurement at the cottage was carried out in early October, the holiday area was largely empty. When the family stayed there, the area was fully occupied. There are 400 camping sites, around 70 apartments and a dozen cottages in the area, which means that there were many more people using mobile phones connected to the mast when the family was on holiday there, compared to when the measurement was made. According to the French authority ANFR, which has measured the radiation from 5G base stations, 5G radiation varies significantly with the number of users, and particularly with the number of large data transfers. The more gigabytes to be transmitted, the higher the radiation will be. Therefore there is a high probability that the radiation was significantly higher when the family stayed near the mast, than when the measurement was carried out and the area was almost empty. .

Previous case studies

Previously, Lennart Hardell and Mona Nilsson have published five case studies that all show that 5G causes much higher radiation exposure compared to previous generations of mobile phones and further that 5G radiation can cause illness in a short time among people living near the base stations (see below). There is no research showing that 5G radiation is not harmful to human health and the environment. 5G deployment has been carried out without any research showing that the technology is not harmful. Nor have the responsible agencies, the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority or the Swedish Public Health Agency, taken the initiative to follow up on incoming reports of ill health linked to 5G. They show a palpable lack of interest in what happens to human health during the ongoing 5G mass experiment. The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority has not even made measurements of how radiation in the environment has been affected by the 5G rollout.

These case studies are the only studies to date on the health impact of 5G. This must be considered a major scandal, especially since telecoms companies have been given the green light by the governmental agencies to expose people in their own homes without the informed consent of the exposed. It is thus to be considered, in the light of current knowledge, as a very dangerous experiment with human health. It can be considered to violate human rights conventions such as the Nuremberg Convention.

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